Review on Tripe Advisor about Overnight with Ramsestours

How was your tour in Egypt?

We could not have a better trip. We were just with 4 people on the tour and as well Mohammed the guide, as Mohammed the driver gave us a wonderfull time. The guide explained a lot of the Egyptian way of living and the driver managed to give us a very safe feeling. The traffic is so different in Egypt but he did a very good job.

Anything you were pleased with?

We were pleased with the pleasant way we were treated by the two Mohammed. They also gave us enough time to visit the Pyramids and also the Sphinx. In the Egyptian museum he gave us some good explanations about the art, but there was not enough time to see the museum on our own way, because we agreed in the morning, because of thye fact that the other couple had booked the tour of the pyramids and sphinx in combination with a boat-trip on the Nile!

We would definitely suggest other people to book with Ramses Tours because

–        The company is trustworthy.

–        The price versus quality is extremely good!!!

About the guide and the driver:

–        They are polite

–        They are professional

–        They are in time

–        They are speaking good English

–        The love their country

–        They love tourists

–        They love to show people around

–        They love to explain how life in Egypt works out…

–        And so on and on and on…..

Please forward this email to all members of your groups so we can know how they found our tour? And please can you mail us the mail-adresses of the guide and the driver, because we have promised to send them some good photos (yeh, I have offered them to send the photos because I am a professional photographer and film-cameraman)

Your feedback is vital to us and we appreciate your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

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